Covid-19 & Everyday Family Life

Impossible choices for low-income essential workers with young children

With the reopening of schools last week, and as debates about the safety and concerns of teachers and pupils continue, we reflect on how caregiving during the pandemic has deepened…

Symposium on Childcare at Transforming Care Conference

I will be hosting a symposium at the upcoming Transforming Care Virtual Conference. This symposium examines the state’s response to the care for young children during the pandemic and the…

Adding insult to injury: When you’re a womxn and a caregiver, you’re not a citizen

By denying womxn access to the Covid-19 social relief grant when they are also receiving child support grants for the children in their care, the state is making its position…

Covid-19 emergency child support grants need flexibility to accommodate fluid caregiving

Covid-19 emergency relief child support grants are tied to a ‘primary caregiver’ model of childcare. But in South Africa, where family relations are often fluid and childcare…

Sidla imbuya ngothi (We are very poor): Child Support Grants and Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic will deepen existing glaring racial disparities among children. We know already that children’s access to resources varies dramatically by race.

Family dynamics in multi-generational households during Covid-19

How do multi-generational families adjust when Covid-19 enters a household through illness or economic loss? How are patterns of care and financial support transformed and what conflicts emerge?

Women-headed households and Covid-19

In the second instalment of a three-part series, Elena Moore looks at multi-generational households headed by women in employment. The first article examined the possible impact of Covid-19 on old…

Old age grants hold together many a household

In a three-part series on the dynamics of Covid-19 on care and money within households, Professor Elena Moore unpacks thorny issues in intergenerational relationships, responsibilities and obligations. She outlines care-giving…

Intergenerational Relationships & Care in Families

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Customary Law And Family Matters

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Divorce, Emotion Work and Personal Lives

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