Elena Moore

Associate Professor, Sociology I have been at UCT since 2011. I specialise in the sociology of the family and I have a Masters degree in Applied Social Research and a…


Covid-19 & Everyday Family Life Intergenerational Relationships & Care in Families Editorship Journal Special Issue Social Protection, Intergenerational Relationships and Conflict in South Africa 2019. Special Issue of Critical Social…


This website brings together research, articles, videos and podcasts on the complexities of contemporary everyday personal lives and socialites. The contributions are made from a wider group of researchers who…


Department of SociologyUniversity of Cape TownRoom 4.41, Leslie Social Science BuildingRondebosch7700South AfricaPh. +27 21 6505336

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Covid-19 & Everyday Family Life Customary Law and Family Matters Intergenerational Relationships & Care in Families
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